USANA Health Sciences in Canada

USANA offers a personalized approach to nutrition by producing high-quality supplements, vitamins, weight-loss products, skincare, body, and hair-care products for adults, kids, and teenagers.

You may say “USANA vitamins”, but USANA products are much more. They are dietary supplements. Generally when one refers to a “vitamin”, those products are specific to one particular vitamin or mineral. Our supplements are combinations of vitamins and minerals that work together to benefit your health.

If you’ve ever wondered which vitamin (or supplements) you should be taking, you should take into consideration:
· The science behind supplements
· How to determine which supplements you ought to take, and
· Why you’re not just paying for expensive pee.

It’s important to know how to engage in proper nutrition and be on track to beginning a healthier lifestyle that won’t come and go with the newest fad. You may also consider that USANA supplements are a great way to aid your healthier lifestyle and get the proper amounts of the vitamins and minerals that will help keep your body healthy for years to come.


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