USANA Vitamin D

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USANA Vitamin D 

USANA’s maximum-strength Vitamin D 

Stay healthy during Canada’s long winters with USANA Vitamin D. Packed with vital D3 and K2, it supports bone strength and heart health, perfect for those days when the sun exposure is limited. Your essential winter wellness companion, filling the gap and bringing the sunshine to you.*

Top Health Benefits:
  • Retaining normal cellular health and function*
  • Supporting bone and tooth mineralization and growth*
  • Supporting muscle strength and coordination*
  • Assisting robust and balanced immune function*

Direction: Take two (2) tablets daily, preferably with meals providing proteins.

168 Tablets/Bottle


USANA Vitamin D Supplements in Canada

In our country, Canada, where getting enough sunlight can be a challenge, USANA Vitamin D stands out as a light of health. This supplement is not just a daily essential; it’s your personal slice of sunshine, especially during those long, sun-deprived months.


Why Choose USANA Vitamin D?

USANA Vitamin D stands out for its high potency and unique blend. It’s not just about supplementing your diet; it’s about enriching your lifestyle.
Supplementing with vitamin D links to long-term good health.
And USANA’s Vitamin D formula also offers 2 key nutrients for lifelong well-being; vitamins D3 and K2 – a combination that supports not just bone.

Benefits of USANA Vitamin D

USANA Vitamin D is not just about maintaining bone strength. This supplement supports your immune system, helps in cell health, and is essential for skeletal strength, especially as you get older.*
This supplement delivers the most beneficial form of vitamin D—D3, coupled with vitamin K2. This combination ensures optimal calcium utilization, supporting both cardiovascular and skeletal health.*

Cell Health and Immune Support with Vitamin D

USANA Vitamin D plays an important role in your cell health, influencing over 200-300 genes. It’s essential for many body systems, especially the skeletal system. Enough vitamin D is key to a balanced and effective immune response.*
Researchers have extensively studied vitamin D’s influence on our skeletal system.*
On the other hand, the important role vitamin D plays in your immune function is it helps to create specialized immune cells.*

Maintaining Strong Bones

As we get older, maintaining bone mass becomes very important. Vitamins D and K are essential in helping decrease age-related bone loss and keeping your skeleton strong and stable.*

Vitamin D: A Year-Round Need

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D is vital throughout the year, not just in winter. Even if it is especially essential during winter, research has shown that most people don’t get nearly as much vitamin D from sun exposure in the summer as they might think.
USANA Vitamin D was created to prevent deficiency no matter the season. Make sure your body always has enough of this essential nutrient.

The USANA Difference

Fifty micrograms (mcg) doesn’t sound like a lot. But USANA Vitamin D packs the same amount of vitamin D into one small tablet as you would get from drinking more than 14 cups of milk or four servings of salmon per day.*
USANA Vitamin D can also be combined with other  USANA supplements to make sure you reach ideal levels of vitamin D, not just the minimum recommended dose. It works in harmony with the CellSentials, MagneCal D, and BiOmega.*

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USANA supplements are manufactured in the United States. 

You should store USANA Supplements below 25˚ C.

USANA CANADA distributes USANA Products in Canada.
The address of USANA Canada is 80 Innovation Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0T2

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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