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USANA Hepasil DTX™ can help support the normal health and function of your liver, making sure it’s equipped to handle life’s daily demands.*
Stay energized and help balance your body’s detoxification processes with a unique liver-support blend made with USANA InCelligence Technology.*
Hepasil DTX is not a liver cleanse. It provides key nutrients that will keep your liver doing its job effectively.*

Top Health Benefits:
  • Helps your body produce energy by supporting normal metabolic processes*
  • Produces vital substances needed to power your body*
  • Natural removal of fat, toxins, and waste products*


Take three (3) tablets daily, preferably with meals.  

Use for a minimum of three (3) weeks to see beneficial effects.

84 Tablets/Bottle


USANA HEPASIL DTX | Supplements Online Canada

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Discover the key to enhanced liver function and detoxification with USANA Hepasil DTX. This advanced supplement actively supports your liver, the body’s primary processing plant.*

In addition to supporting your liver function, many of the ingredients in Hepasil DTX also provide antioxidant activity to help protect cells from damaging oxidative stress.*

Why Choose USANA Hepasil DTX?

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Your liver will love Hepasil DTX. USANA exclusively incorporates the best of supplement science and a number of unique technologies to create this product. Each expertly blended tablet features USANA InCelligence Technology to activate your body’s naturally protective detoxification processes. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a commitment to your liver’s health.


Benefits of Hepasil DTX

Complete Liver Support
Hepasil DTX actively supports your liver in processing everything from food to medications, making sure nutrients break down effectively. Additionally, it plays a key role in eliminating toxins, and boosting your body’s natural detoxification processes.*
Turn Your Food into Energy
With ingredients like biotin and choline, Hepasil DTX supports transforming food into energy, keeping you energized throughout your day.
Your liver uses biotin to break down and change food into useable substances your body needs for energy.
Choline is also necessary for supporting normal detoxification reactions.*
The InCelligence Detox-Support Complex in Hepasil DTX helps balance Phase I and Phase II detoxification processes, crucial for removing toxins and supporting healthy aging.


The USANA Difference

USANA Hepasil DTX is a blend of scientifically-backed ingredients like milk thistle, green tea extract, and Olivol® olive-fruit extract. The InCelligence Detox-Support Complex selects each ingredient for its high antioxidant activity and liver-supporting properties.*
Milk Thistle Extract: Derived from milk thistle fruit seeds, is renowned for its liver-supporting qualities. Rich in silymarin, it stands as one of the most popular herbal extracts for liver health, actively maintaining the function and vitality of liver cells.
Green-tea extract: Packed with 90% polyphenols, it offers a concentrated burst of antioxidant activity, necessary for protecting the liver from oxidative stress.
Broccoli extract: They have been studied for their beneficial effects on a number of cell-signaling pathways. One of the effects of these antioxidant compounds is helping to activate the pathways for your body’s natural detoxification enzymes.*
Olivol® Olive-Fruit Extract: A USANA innovation, this extract harnesses the antioxidant power of olive oil, defending cells from oxidative damage and supporting the body’s production of protective enzymes.*
Meriva® Bioavailable Curcumin Extract**: A powerhouse of health benefits sourced from another nutrient: curcumin. Studies show that curcumin provides many benefits for health, including supporting antioxidant activity and healthy immune responses. It also influences the production of your body’s own antioxidants and supports normal levels of detoxification enzymes.*
Cystine: Hepasil DTX supplements your intake of the important amino acid cystine, which breaks down into 2 cysteines. Cysteines helps your body make its own powerful antioxidants to maintain healthy levels in the liver. *
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA): ALA is instrumental in helping your body synthesize glutathione, a potent antioxidant. It also recycles other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, enhancing overall liver protection.*

A Commitment to Your Liver’s Health

Embrace the power of Hepasil DTX for your liver’s well-being. With USANA’s cutting-edge technology and a blend of potent ingredients, Hepasil DTX is not just a supplement; it’s a shield for your liver, ensuring it remains healthy and functional. Add Hepasil DTX to your daily routine and experience the difference in your liver health and overall vitality.*

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USANA Canada Hepasil DTX supplement is laboratory tested, and quality guaranteed. Meets USP specifications for potency, uniformity, and disintegration, where applicable.

USANA Hepasil DTX supplements are manufactured in the United States. 
You should store USANA Supplements below 25˚ C.

USANA CANADA distributes USANA Products in Canada.
The address of USANA Canada is 80 Innovation Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0T2

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Meriva is a registered trademark of Indena S.p.A.



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