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About Best Supplements Online USANA in Canada

Best Supplements Online is your trusted independent associate of USANA Health Sciences. Above all, we take pride in meticulously curating a selection of USANA’s finest nutritional supplements and vitamins, bringing you the best from their broad range of products.
Our offerings include:
At Best Supplements Online, we believe in making premium nutrition accessible to everyone in Canada. Undoubtedly, that’s why we offer these high-quality products at a 10% discount off USANA’s regular retail prices, with no requirement for an account creation with USANA.
Ultimately, we understand the essential role nutrition plays in overall wellness and are committed to making sure that achieving your health goals doesn’t mean compromising on quality or affordability. Shop with us and embark on a journey to optimal health, supported by the best supplements in the market.

Why We Chose USANA

Our choice to partner with USANA was driven by several key factors that align with our commitment to excellence:
  1. Guaranteed Potency: The trust of over 3,600 professional and Olympic athletes in USANA’s products speaks volumes. Their choice is our assurance – if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!
  2. Uncompromising Quality: USANA stands out as one of the few companies that manufacture their products in their own state-of-the-art facilities. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring only the best reaches you.
  3. Innovation at Its Core: With a team of over 150 top scientists and experts, USANA is a beacon of innovation in nutritional science, constantly pushing the boundaries for better health solutions.
  4. First-Class Ingredients: The foundation of USANA’s products lies in scientifically proven, clinically tested ingredients that are not only safe but also optimized for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.


Manufacturing Standards of USANA

USANA is transparent about how products are made and the rigorous testing and certification they undergo to guarantee quality. Each product goes through five(5) major areas of testing:
  1. PURITY: Ensure product is free from adulteration, heavy metals, pesticides, and other forms of contamination.
  2. IDENTITY: Ingredients are inspected, sampled and analytically tested to ensure premium quality.
  3. COMPOSITION: Assure delivery of the right nutrients to your cells. A multi-method approach to test and record every batch includes analyzing and documenting aspects like weight, disintegration, thickness, and stability.
  4. STRENGTH: Products are proven to have the strength and potency guaranteed on the labels – one of the main reasons why people trust their health to USANA.
  5. SAFETY: Third-party reviews test for safety. The safety of USANA products is of the highest importance.
You can be confident USANA’s products have been thoroughly analyzed for effectiveness and quality and what’s on the label is in the product.

Our Story

USANA’s Foundation:
In 1992, Dr. Myron Wentz founded USANA with a vision that revolutionized the world of nutritional science. At the heart of USANA’s philosophy is a simple yet powerful principle: nourishing the body’s cells with precise nutrients leads to improved health. This foundational idea drives USANA’s commitment to innovation and excellence in nutrition, making a healthy, happy life accessible to everyone.
The Start of Best Supplements Online Canada:
Founded in 2013 by a health-conscious family in Montreal, Canada, Best Supplements Online was born out of a desire to extend the gift of health and wellness to others. As long-time users and advocates of USANA’s nutritional supplements, active nutrition, and body care products for over a decade, we’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of these products.

Our Mission

At Best Supplements Online, we are dedicated in bringing these exceptional USANA products to you, ensuring that your journey towards health and wellness is supported by the best in the industry.
Our mission is two-fold: to provide access to USANA’s superior supplement products and to offer comprehensive education on holistic health alternatives. We believe that optimal health is a right, not a privilege, accessible to everyone, regardless of age, education, profession, or location.

Our Values

  1. Empowerment Through Education: We value the power of knowledge in making informed health choices. Our commitment extends beyond selling products; we aim to educate and empower our customers with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their health and well-being.
  2. Quality and Efficacy: In line with USANA’s commitment to excellence, we prioritize the highest standards of quality and efficacy in all our products. We believe that everyone deserves access to supplements that are not only safe but also effective in promoting health and wellness.
  3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Reflecting our belief that optimal health should be universally accessible, we strive to create an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, can find products and information that cater to their unique health needs.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction

Easy to choose, easy to buy, and with great customer service you can count on. We are here to help you, why would you go anywhere else!

All of our product comes from the top leader in nutritional supplements USANA Health Science and are nutrition you can trust!

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