USANA BiOmega Jr.

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USANA BiOmega Jr. 

Transform your child’s health with BiOmega Jr., a tasty tropical-flavored omega-3 plus vitamin D supplement they will enjoy. Packed with important omega-3 fats—especially DHA, EPA—this kid-friendly formula supports brain development and overall wellness.*
And when you pair BiOmega Jr. with Usanimals, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve met most of your kid’s important nutritional needs.*
Top Health Benefits:
  • Healthy growth and development*
  • Healthy brain function*


Ages 4–12 years take one (2.5 g) packet every other day, with or without food. Serve chilled for an even better taste.

14 Packets/Box

USANA BiOmega Jr. Supplement for Kids in Canada

Fats are an essential part of a child’s diet, but it’s important to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats. USANA BiOmega Jr. steps in to offer a balance, making sure your child gets the right kind of fats for excellent health. 


Why USANA BiOmega Jr?

Choosing the Right Fats for Your Child
Today, many children prefer to overeat foods that contain only saturated or trans-fats, like meat, milk, and cheese, which aren’t the best for their health. USANA BiOmega Jr. provides a healthier alternative, focusing on omega-3s, particularly EPA and DHA, which are essential for a child’s development.


Benefits of BiOmega Jr

A Powerhouse of Nutrition
Each packet of USANA BiOmega Jr. delivers 650 mg of omega-3s, including 350 mg of EPA and 230 mg of DHA. It’s also a rich source of vitamin D3, supporting healthy growth, brain development, and bone strength. This blend is crucial for a child’s overall well-being.
Natural Sources and Supplements
While foods like salmon, nuts, and fortified products provide omega-3s and vitamin D, the quantities might be insufficient. BiOmega Jr. is an excellent supplement, especially for picky eaters, ensuring they receive these vital nutrients regularly.
Supporting Brain Health and Cognitive Development
DHA is a major component of the brain and nervous system. BiOmega Jr. supports brain structure and function, helping in learning, memory, attention, and mood. Vitamin D complements this by promoting healthy bone development and calcium use.
Some of the most beneficial and well-studied fats for health are omega-3s, especially EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

The USANA Difference

A Tasty Path to Healthy Development
USANA BiOmega Jr. offers a delicious, easy-to-consume option for ensuring your child receives essential omega-3s and vitamin D. It’s more than just a supplement; it’s a foundation for healthy growth and a smart start to your child’s future.
Consuming too much of these types of fat isn’t beneficial for your child’s health.

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Made in the United States.


USANA Products in Canada distributed by: USANA CANADA COMPANY

80 Innovation Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0T2

USANA Canada Supplements: Store below 25˚ C.



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