USANA Body & Hair Care Products in Canada

USANA body & hair care is dedicated to those looking to enhance their health and beauty.

USANA has created Sensé beautiful science®, a comprehensive approach to body care.

Each product is developed with groundbreaking, patented Self-Preserving Technology, meaning they stay fresh naturally. With regular use, skin is visibly transformed.

Made from the botanical extracts from natural sources and topical nutrition complexes, Sensé is formulated to revitalize individual cells—where healthy-looking skin begins.
When cells are properly nourished and protected, you can expect beautiful results.
Sensé® products are a paraben-free, no harsh chemical and preservative-free shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Removing the chemicals for a safe and clean body experience.

USANA Body & Hair Care

USANA Shower Pack Sale!
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USANA Sensé Shower Pack

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USANA Revitalizing Shampoo Sale!
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USANA Revitalizing Shampoo

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USANA Firming Body Nourisher Sale!
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USANA Firming Body Nourisher

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USANA Intensive Hand Therapy Sale!
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USANA Intensive Hand Therapy

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Sensé Hair & Body Pack Canada Sale!
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USANA Sensé Hair & Body Pack

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USANA Nourishing Conditioner Canada Sale!
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USANA Nourishing Conditioner

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USANA Shower Gel Canada Sale!
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USANA Energizing Shower Gel

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