USANA CoQuinone 100

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USANA CoQuinone 100 

An optimal combination of coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid

Experience the revitalizing power of USANA CoQuinone 30 and CoQuinone 100, a united blend of coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid. This powerful duo is carefully formulated to enhance cellular health, antioxidant protection, and natural energy levels.*
Boost your health today with this unique blend designed to rejuvenate your cells with USANA CoQuinone 30 or CoQuinone 100.*
Top Health Benefits:
  • Cellular health and function*
  • The health of many organs and tissues, including the heart*
  • Optimal muscle function*


Take one (1) or two (2) capsules daily, preferably with meals.

56 Capsules/Bottle

Coenzyme Q10 Supplement – USANA CoQuinone 100

Energize Your Life with USANA CoQuinone
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) gets produced in big quantities when you’re young – the form of energy your cells use to function. As we age, the amount of CoQ10 that we absorb or
produce naturally decreases. That’s why high-quality, bioavailable CoQ10 supplements, such as USANA CoQuinone 100, can help maintain cardiovascular health.

Why USANA CoQuinone

A Potent Duo to Protect Optimal Cellular Function:
As we age, cellular energy production decreases, but CoQuinone’s unique combination effectively supports energy production processes, fighting the effects of aging and promoting overall vitality. Unleash the full potential of your cells with CoQuinone’s unparalleled support for optimal cellular function and energy production.
The combination of coenzyme CoQ10 with alpha-lipoic acid makes CoQuinone even more effective than CoQ10 alone. CoQ10 and alpha-lipoic acid can protect your cells from damaging free radicals to ensure that every part of your body vibrates with life and energy. This activity is key for maintaining long-term well-being.


Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 in USANA CoQuinone

Boost Your Cellular Energy with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):
CoQuinone, rich in CoQ10, is like a melody that enhances the rhythm of your heart and the clarity of your brain signals. It’s a daily dose of vitality, helping your cells produce the real energy needed to fuel a healthy body every day.*
Your body naturally makes coenzyme CoQ10 to support the energy generation cycle.
So why do you need to add it in a supplement?
When you’re young, your body stores or produces ample amounts of CoQ10. The amount peaks (in most organs) around age 20. Then, with age, it gradually declines. By the time you hit your eighties, your cells could have less than half of what they did in your twenties.
Energize Your Heart and Overall Health:
With CoQuinone, every beat of your heart is a step towards better cardiovascular health. It’s more than a supplement; it’s a promise of better heart health, improved cellular function, and a body that dances to the rhythm of life.

The USANA Difference

Experience the CoQuinone Difference:
CoQuinone stands out as more than just another supplement; it actively rejuvenates your cells with its unique blend. It helps maintain youthful cellular function, ensuring that every part of your body vibrates with life and energy.



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USANA CoQuinone supplements are manufactured in the United States. 
You should store USANA Supplements below 25˚ C.

USANA CANADA distributes USANA Products in Canada.
The address of USANA Canada is 80 Innovation Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0T2

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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