About USANA Health Science

USANA Health Sciences is a global leader in nutritional supplementation and provider of nutritional supplements manufactured according to GMP standards.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]SANA Health Science was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz  in 1992. USANA Health Science develops and manufactures exceptional nutritional, personal care, energy and weight management products.

Dr. Myron Wentz’s concern that people are more and more living too short and dying too long from degenerative diseases, made him study the human cell for decades. After years of commitment and work, he arrived to the conclusion that properly nourishing our body with the highest-quality nutritional products manufactured  without compromise should be the solution for an optimal health.

USANA Health Science make supplements using first class ingredients and high quality manufacturing, they guarantee potency, they are based on science, and they are nutritional supplements trusted by hundreds of athletes around the world.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]sana Balanced Formula – a synergy of nutrients designed to allow the components to work together to achieve optimal health benefits and safety.

The Correct Form with highly bio-available ingredients that dissolve properly in the body and help the body to function at an optimal level of health. The Manufacturing Process is done in house with complete control on every step of the process.  USANA manufacturing facility became a registered FDA Drug Establishment.

USANA Health Science guarantees the using of the right ingredients (e.g. natural vegetable protein to protect the active ingredients) in the right amounts during the manufacturing process. The Potency and Purity of all USANA supplements are guaranteed and what is listed on the label you find it in the bottle.

NSF International has certified USANA Health Science good manufacturing practices (GMP), and USANA supplements meet the requirements of both Informed-Choice and HFL Sport Science. USANA adheres to standards set by Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate, which regulates health products for sale in Canada.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]SANA Diet and Energy products offer great tasting meal replacement and snacks that provide  macronutrients like low glycemic carbohydrates, high quality protein and beneficial fat that our body needs to build health, manage weight and sustain energy.

Sensé Personal Care line is USANA skin care, skin treatment and hair and body care products patented as self preserving skin care line with no chemical preservatives added. It is designed to deliver ingredients that effectively refine, replenish and support the skin at cellular level.

For all these reasons people feel the difference when they are using the USANA highest quality, science-based health supplements products in the world.

We thank you for taking the time to learn about USANA and we hope you will give us the opportunity to make a difference in your health, in your life.

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