Omega-3s are critical for maintaining the health of your cells by providing the lipids needed for healthy cellular membranes. Your cells are the foundation of every part of your body, so omega-3s are needed for your health at the most basic level.
Heart, bone, joint, skin, brain, mood – omega-3 fatty acids probably help support it.

Lots of so-called experts will tell you that you can get all the omega-3s you need from a healthy diet. You could get enough omega-3 from a serving of wild-caught salmon every day. But then you would run into concerns about toxins.

Anywise, you have to make sure you get a safe source of omega-3 every day. This will be easy with USANA BiOmega ™.

Plus you get a little extra vitamin D, which never hurts, and it won’t taste terrible because of the added lemon oil.


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