USANA Business Opportunity

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the growing trends around the world today is that more and more people want to have and build their own business.

You can build your business from the comfort of your own home in your spare time. The cost to start a USANA business is low and affordable to anybody. You don’t need any employees, you don’t have any inventory and you don’t have to have any business experience or to be an expert to be successful.

All these are part of the USANA business benefits, compare with a traditional business, where the experience is a necessity to make it successful. You will, also, have to invest a lot of time and, especially, a lot of money. Money for several costs when starting your traditional business: incorporating, legal and accounting, licenses and permits, rent or mortgage, initial inventory, supplies, furniture and equipment, utilities, payroll, insurance, advertising and marketing; total: $$$$$ … you do the math. And, the biggest USANA business benefit is that you Invest in your Health to Build your Wealth. 

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have access to the world’s highest rated nutritional products created in USANA own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah , to the USANA call center and the shipping department that will take orders for you and will send them out directly to you or your customers.

You will be part of the growing Wellness Industry that attracts more and more customers that are looking for products to improve their health and that will allow them to earn a leveraged residual income.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ctually, in USANA business you are not by yourself, you build your network together with your team, by sharing the products and help other people to start their own business.

You can better yourself and experience an exponential growth of your income with USANA business, the best opportunity to help people achieve their optimal health and to help yourself to become a true leader.

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[vc_iconitem title=”USANA offers” icon=”leaf”]A world-class business opportunity for motivated people that are looking for a way to improve their financial situation.[/vc_iconitem]
[vc_iconitem title=”Be your own boss” icon=”user”]USANA business lets you be your own boss, manage your own time and invest in your health to build your wealth.[/vc_iconitem]
[vc_iconitem title=”Make MONEY, Save TIME” icon=”usd”]Successful people are excellent TIME and MONEY managers and usually they are not trading hours for dollars.[/vc_iconitem]
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Showcase your Talents

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]SANA business is the business where you develop new skills, where your leadership development will grow, where you learn to work on your weak areas and seek positive influences, where your mindset will be re-set-up. This is your business where you will find your WHY and your purpose of life, what does success really mean to you and what are your visions and goals. This is the business where your customer service skills will stand out and you will find out who you really are, how you interact with people, how you are able to inspire, influence, impact and help people. It is the business that could help you to achieve financial freedom, create your own healthy lifestyle, and to do what you love, when you want, with who you like.

Perfect Business Model

USANA business is the perfect business model in Network Marketing

Why? Because USANA offers:

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  • an unique, affordable, renewable, high-quality and potency guaranteed for all generation nutritional products that make you feel and look good from inside out;
  • a solid, ethical company with a very good medical and financial reputation and credibility;
  • a fair, lucrative compensation plan where you need only 2 people in order to make your first check;
  • a strong management team with a powerful leadership;
  • a lot of excellent training programs and great online and offline support and services;
  • in the expending industry of Health and Wellness


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If you are ready to experience the successful USANA lifestyle on the level of health and wealth don’t wait till you have more TIME and MONEY… Do it NOW! Get STARTED! NEVER give up!

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